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Flame retardant is made of surface modification and composite technology. It has the characteristics of smoke elimination and flame retardant, high decomposition temperature, halogen-free environmental protection, and good compatibility with polymer materials. It is suitable for plastics, rubber, coatings, adhesives and other materials.

Applied to Electric Wire

Applied to PE Foam

Applied to Building Decoration Materials

Applied to Silicone Rubber

According to the characteristics of various polymer materials, through the independent powder treatment technology design and development for silicone, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and other systems of thermal conductivity. The powder can form an efficient three-dimensional heat conduction network in the matrix, which does not affect the constructability and mechanical properties of the material while achieving high thermal conductivity, and provides guarantee for the thermal management of electronic equipment.

Applied to thermal conductive gel

Applied to thermal conductive gasket

Applied to thermal conductive polyurethane

Applied to thermal conductive epoxy

Applied to thermal conductive silicone grease

Based on the research of thermal conductivity powder for many years, combined with the performance characteristics of the absorbing filler, the particle size of the functional powder, the proportion of collocation, as well as the powder surface treatment, dispersion process, etc., the company has developed a new type of dual-function enhanced powder that can be prepared on a large scale - thermal conductivity microwave absorbing filler. For customers to solve the need for complex powder screening and composition ratio regulation, processing difficulties and other problems in production, laying a good foundation for 5G equipment to achieve rapid heat dissipation and electromagnetic shielding.


Guangdong Jinge Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as'Jinge') , founded in 2012, national high-tech enterprise, focus on R & D, manufacture and sales of functional powder materials, which covering an area of more than 70000 ㎡ . Jinge has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System and products mainly include FA series aluminum hydroxide, FM series magnesium hydroxide, FS nitrogen phosphorus series and other halogen-free flame retardants, GD series environment-friendly thermal conductive fillers, and GD-A series microwave absorbing fillers. They are widely used in flame retardanted and thermal conductive polymers such as rubber, silicone rubber, plastics, polyurethane, epoxy resin, which used in 5G communication, new energy vehicles, electronics, security monitoring, rail transit, smart medicine, national defense and military industry and building decoration materials etc.



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